This is a blog for helmsmen and steers-women, mappers and diviners,  explorers and surveyors, pioneers and refugees,  celebrants and mourners, for shamans and scientists, myth-makers and story-tellers, warriors and wordsmiths — for women, men and children who must find new meanings and directions in an unstable and chaotic world.

We have passed the point when sustainability could be understood in terms of stabilizing our current situation. The bio-physical world is tipping. The world of people will tip with it. We have been cast adrift. As individuals, as families, in communities and through broader attachments nation-states, tribes and even our species we find ourselves exposed and moving through dangerous and unfamiliar landscapes. We are ‘navigators of the Anthropocene’ – attempting to find our way to a new home.

I invite you to explore with me, themes relating to resilience and adaptation to our too-fast changing world. Part of a writing project, my intention is to upload reviews and commentaries on books, from many disciplines,  which have a bearing on the political-economy, culture, psychology and spirituality of feasible society for the ‘Long Now’.  I will also post short essays on themes relating to

  • re-enchantment, ontology, ritual and earth-based spirituality
  • micro-fabrication and technics for a (re)Maker society
  • Social Innovation, social movements and politics in the Anthropocene
  • energy and civilization
  • growth, degrowth and ecological economics

Touchstones include Karl Polanyi, Norbert Elias, Mircea Eliade, Kevin Carson, Morris Berman, Ernest Becker and Karl Jung

Inspirations include Marcin Jakubowski’s experiment in Open Source Ecology (

 I hope this will be a dialogue. Please feel free to jump in and comment. I hope you find it useful.